Young Eagles Crowned Champions

2018 Youth Solomon Cup winners, Malaita Eagles Under 19 team

Malaita Eagles Under 19 team has been crowned the 2018 Solomon Cup U19 Champions following a clean sweep campaign throughout the youth competition.

The Eagles end their winning streak beating Central Shields 5-2 in the last day of competition, which makes them 6 points clear on top with a total of 18 points from six matches.

Malaita head coach, Robert Wanedala said their win implicates a challenge for the development of young footballers in the province.

“Our win gives out the signal for other talented youngsters being motivated to be part of the sport throughout all the provinces.

He also spoke highly of such youth competition hosted by the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF).

“If the governing body continue with hosting these competitions it will boost the development of the sport throughout the nation.

He added that their win also brings unity among different ethnicities in the province.

“The provincial government altogether with the people will see our feedback from these competition and with their cooperation for developing rising youngsters.

“This win indicates not that we are the top province in football, but our output identifies some areas we will still be working on to maintain in the sport.

The coach also thanked sponsors and organisers for the successful completion of the competition.

“We would also like to give back all the praise and glory to God for giving us the strength and knowledge throughout the days of competition.

In the U19 category, Honiara came runners up followed by Western Tomokos and Rennel & Bellona in 3rd and 4th respectively.

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