Women B Ballers Confident Ahead Of Fiji Clash

Men’s Team Went Down Against Host

Jocelyn Basia going for basket against New Caledonia. Photo Credit: Ronald Flyer

Following a historic 59-53 wins over New Caledonia yesterday (Wednesday) the Solomon Islands Women basketball team are in high spirit to take on Fiji today at the FIBA Melanesia Basketball Cup 2017.

As the men’s squad went down 79-37 to the host nation Papua New Guinea (PNG) later on Day 1 of competition.

National women team captain, Elsie Daiwo in an interview from Port Moresby told RAW SPORTS following the win that the girls are confident to take on their next opponent.

“First win in the competition, the team including the coach are very happy indeed. It’s history first time ever for the country’s basketball to beat New Caledonia.

Ms. Daiwo said their advantage going in the game was their well-structured play.

“We were well structured with offensive and defensive moves and we really put every effort making sure our game plans are applied in the court. Also we were told to play with confidence and aggressive and yes we did.

“We are going for the win against Fiji, if we continue play our game plan I’m sure we can win again.

She also admitted that some of the team’s weaknesses were identified and they are working on to patch going in today’s Day 2 fixture.

“The team had some areas to work on like picking out our players to defend early and other areas we need to strengthen. Also we need to communicate more in the game.

She added that Fiji would be different from New Caledonia with their set of play.

Meanwhile, the captain made the call to supporters and families back home to keep cheering behind both teams.

The women side started the game on a high note leading the first 2 quarters 34-17 at half time.

New Caledonia came back strongly in the 3rd quarter then edged closer to snatching a victory with 5 minutes left in the game. At one point, they were within 2 points but crucial steals by the experience Daiwo relentless leadership throughout the game finally gave the edge back.

Coach Eric Malcolm continued to emphasize playing together and defense.

Later on in the men’s category, Solomon Islands men were hampered, as their momentum could not last the whole four quarters of the game against the energetic host nation.

The men today will take on New Caledonia.



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