What Does Football Means To Malaita, According To MFA President


WINNING the Solomon Cup restores back confidence and pride for Malaita province and football means a lot to us, says Malaita Football Association (MFA) President, Eddie Omokirio.
Omokirio stated that winning the national competition revived the image of football for the province through challenges faced.
“For Malaita football it restores back confidence and motivated us though we faced challenges especially in funding,” Omokirio expressed.
He revealed, Malaita Provincial budget could not cater for the team prior coming in the competition.
“When we started preparations not all business houses supported us, and our provincial government did not help much,” he said.
“Malaita a populated football island and for the growing passion for the game, this success means a lot.”
Omokirio added that football brings unity to the people of Malaita.
“Beyond football, it brings unity, engaging young people from unwanted behaviours, it is a hook bringing together Malaitians and the country as a whole.”
“Through football something good can happen.”
“Our success story is of our no.12 player, Clement Baegeni.”
He said young Baegeni without any exposure; out from the village he managed his way, currently one of the best strikers produced in the Solomon cup.
“From a village, this lad come shine out like these, not through any football programs in town. It’s an opportunity and yes football can bring something.”
He added that it would be a surprise to the nation, if Baegeni made it to the final national squad to travel to New Zealand for the 3rd Stage World Qualifying play offs.
“It is a pathway for our players, unlike the general one where players getting picked in the S League, but winning the Solomon Cup inspired our generation of footballers.”
He also stated that winning the national competition brings multiple benefits and positive messages to Malaitians.
Omokirio make the assurance for his executive to spread football avenues throughout Malaita province.
“Maybe hidden talents still out there, waiting for their impact.”
He concluded that also going through critics they have reached this far.
“We came through lots of critics, selection and eliminations.”
“This achievement is a team effort.”

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