Warriors Trashed Tamlan


TAMLAN School began their Honiara Football Association (HFA) Under 16 Women League dream in a humiliating and brutal fashion as Solomon Warriors inflicted their heaviest defeat in their recent match at the Telekom football field.
A match saw a tidal wave of emotion reduced to a nightmare, as warriors won 7-0 in front of a disbelieving Tamlan crowd of supporters.
The win had allowed Warriors FC to level its point with Marist FC that has registered its first 3 points already over the weekend in the group “A” debut match against Koloale FC.
Warriors Head coach Prudence Falu told Raw Sports that her girls have utilise all of their goal opportunity through a simple game plan.
“I’m really happy with these girls; they have really done well and I am really proud of their performance. Their strength and ability of ball sharing plus team work have giving them their win,” she said.
Meanwhile, Tamlan have featured very good players but they lack technical experience and concentration in the game.
Tamlan head coach said warriors is a very tough team based on their style of play and their players have shown that they have been doing trainings together for quite a long time.
“What makes warriors very strong is because they played like a team and they know very well how to communicate with each other on their attacking and defensive strategies.
“Our girls did really well but it’s our first time playing together like this. However we have identified some of our failures and it’s something that we will work on to prepare us for our next game,” the head coach added.


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