Tennis Duos Settles In Well

Raw Sports Newspaper
Vinda (Far left) and Georjimah (Center) during their RAT training completion. (Photo: Georjimah Row FB Page)

18 years old female tennis sensations, Georgimah Row and Vinda Teally has settled in well in their New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) University, following their completion of a 28 days Recruitment at Training (RAT) exercise.

Both youngsters got the first hand taste of Military training in terms of discipline, ethics, integrity and honour code, a lifetime experience for the girls.

“Even though it’s tiring we really enjoyed the training, and we are hoping to experience more improving and getting disciplined,” Georjimah told Raw Sports from the United States.

“Also the life in the states is different compared back home but slowly we are adapting.

She added that the training contributes in developing them through the sport.

“We’re glad Georjimah and Vinda get to have this unique experience and congratulation for completing the RAT Week,” a statement from the Solomon Islands Tennis Association stated.

With that training for first year students, upon their completion they are qualified to compete in any competition on US soil.

The duo left early this year on a three-year scholarship.


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