Tennis Coaching Development Program A Way Forward For Kids

Zinnia mentoring the young children. (photo supplied)

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Solomon Islands Tennis Federation (SITF) has continued with their development coaching programs upbringing children through the sport.

For this year one of SITF top seed, Zinnia Leamana take to the court to share the same passion she has, mentoring young children ranging the age from 8 years to 12 years old.

The ongoing program runs through 4 days a week separately kids under various teams categorized in colours and Wednesday specifically for the training squad, whilst on Saturdays they all combine.

“I assist all age groups, also helping and assisting out with the training squad.

Kids taking part in the coaching development program


For Ms. Leamana the program since it’s initiation plays a major role growing up having involved in, as she says it’s now her turn to give back to the next generation of tennis athletes.

“I also involve in this similar program since my primary days, with my passion I want give back to the up and rising potentials.

Zinnia one of the scholarship recipients of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Regional Training Centre (RTC) throughout her years based her tennis scholarship in United State Universities graduated with a degree.

“I encourage parents to have their kids involved in this program, surely these children will benefit from.

Those who benefited from the program since 1990 are; ELLa Boke, Solomon Kari, Irene George, Sammuel Tesimu, Michael Leong, Sammy Ramoni, Johnson Taliki, Ian Honila, Zinnia Leamana, Amanda Korinnihona, Guriana Korinnihona,Luke Paeni, Duncan Maetoloa and Theo Rex.

TIME MONDAY Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2:45-3:15 pm Red 8 years under Red 10 years under National Training squads Red 8 years under Red 10 years under Combine
3:15-4:00pm Orange beginner Orange competition National Training squad Orange beginner Orange competition Combine
4:00-4:50pm Green 11 years under Development 11 years plus National Training squad Green 11 years under Development 11 year plus Combine


Saturday’s match play;

Red 8:30am to 9: 30 am

Orange 9:30am to 10:30am

Green/Development 10:30am to 12pm

Zinnia Leamana


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