Tabua Spells Out His Vision For SI Rugby

Ili Tabua

Former Wallaby and Fiji International, Ilivalu Tabua now the current Solomon Islands Technical Mentor has spelled out his vision creating unity through Solomon Islands rugby.

Mr. Tabua was on a one-year contract with SIRUF since 2017, and has renewed it for another term mentoring.

“My assignment is for 1yr now renewing for another year,” Tabua told RAW SPORTS in an interview.

“My Vision It’s rugby for all in the islands community in the Hapi Isles encouraging a Healthy Positive Lifestyle are holistic development pathways program unity for all.

“It’s more that just a game its about life, its about our people to connect to our regional brothers and partners in development for better outcome within the region and International pathways.

“Future is very positive in UNITY, uniting for our future generation.

Now 53, the former hard-tackling Wallaby flanker and Fijian national coach and player also identified challenges, which he claimed it’s common in the rugby fraternity.

“The Challenges in the Solomon’s and in any other island group within the pacific region is quite common would be in the rugby organizations in itself in having the best practice with what it has in geographical personal monetary its coming to a place like our island home is we asked ourselves this question what is there on the ground is it working how can we better it for a better outcome.

“ Governance, Structure, Personal, Development Players/ Coaches/Referees /Trainers S&C (strength and conditioning) Medical First Aid/ Administrators pathway program in a holistic sphere, Facilities, Competition (Schools, Clubs, Islands, National Age Groups, National teams more competition within the region and Partners in Community Development: Govt Departments, Education, Health, Community Policing, Agriculture, Small Business, Churches, Business Stakeholders with incentives to partnership,” he outlined.

He added that creating Solomon Islands as a rugby destination through partnerships.

“In regards to develop Solomon as rugby destination for our regional brothers and friends that offers not only rugby but a cultural fun adventures experiences which the Hapi Isles has a lot to offer all have to come on board as are community to develop are product that we are proud of, it’s called the Solomon Way.

The rugby program Mr. Tabua contracted under is supported by the Australian aid-funded Pacific Sports Partnerships and Tabua is true believer in sport as a development tool.

“In terms of funding the Oceania / World Rugby has its Funding projects in the islands and according to levels and development or result on the Oceania Stage than to International level.

He also applauded business houses for supporting these programs; Credit Corp for schools, South Pacific Oil (SPO) for 7s program, SOLRICE for the Inter-Island competition, with SIRUF’s future partners SOLTUNA, Solbrew and others that supported the growth of the game.

“With that comes taking ownership of our resources, our people our environment our partners and structure to gain a better outcome within the region and beyond.

“It’s more that just a game its about LIFE, its about our people to connect to our regional brothers and partners in development for better outcome within the region and International pathways through unity.

Tabua is working alongside fellow Fijian, Alivereti Mocelutu, himself a former elite player currently SIRUF’s Development Manager.










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