Soltuna 7s Exposing Rugby Talents

The national 7s team who will take part in the competition. Photo Supplied

The proposed Soltuna 7s competition to be hosted outside of the country is an initiative created to expose local rugby talents in the country, a statement from the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF) revealed.

The competition is sponsored by Solomon Islands based Soltuna in collaboration with SIRUF and it is the first ever to be hosted outside of the country in Fiji starting 17th March.

“The purpose of the tournament is to strengthen the bond and relationship, enlighten roots and most importantly identifying talents to represent the country in future tournaments regionally,” SIRUF Development manager and former flying Fijian, Alivereti Mocelotu stated.

He added that SIRUF recommend using the competition for exposing the national team players following their impressive during the Oceania 7s and the Pacific Mini Games late last year.

Meanwhile 12 teams will compete in the competition, two teams from the Solomon’s the national 7s team and the local Islanders rugby club.

“Playing quality and physical games with structured teams to be competitive, I know the game is developing in the islands and giving the opportunity to compete against top players in Fiji is a way forward” Mocelotu said.

Later this year the National 7s team will also compete in the 42nd Fiji Bitter Marist 7s.


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