SIBF Enters 5 weeks of competition

Basketball action during the competition

The Solomon Islands Basketball Federation (SIBF) has entered its 5 weeks of its national competition, as matches lined up for this weekend.

According to a statement from the federation, it urged all participating teams to who have yet to complete their registrations to comply.

โ€œWe are now in week 4 of our tournament and weโ€™d like to make a few reminders. The grace period has lapse as of Sunday 27th. So we will expect all teams to be in full uniforms and must pay your registration fees before you play your next game as of next Sunday 3rd November,โ€ the federation stated.

Meanwhile matches for Week 5 of competition are as follows;

Sunday 3rd โ€“ 1st Game: Sunrise vs. Lakers (12pm)

                       2nd Game: Wrookies vs. B-hoods (1:30pm)

                       3rd Game: Marists vs. Bullets (3pm)

                       4th Game: Ward 8 vs Pinoy  (4:30pm)

Midweek matches will see Defenders vs. Lakers at 5pm.

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