SIABA Plans Ahead For 2023 SPG

Patrick Morries SIABA President

Solomon Islands Amateur Boxing Association (SIABA) has set its plan in preparation ahead for the 2023 Pacific Games.

According to the SIABA, President Patrick Morris said they plan to strengthen all provincial boxing Associations to come forward and work with all provincial sports coordinators to move into schools.

Mr. Morris encourages the provincial sports coordinators that SIABA will help the provincial headquarters with whatever competition they plan.

SIABA president also encourages the provincial boxers to come over to Honiara, and compete in the SIABA organized competitions.

He urged the provincial sports coordinators to work with SIABA in the buildup for the 2023 Pacific Games.

“We (SIABA) want to strengthen our provincial teams with training.

SIABA wants to identify technical people like coaches and athletes during the training.

“Yes, SIABA will have more competitions planned,” Morris said.

He said after the recent Pacific Games in Samoa 2019, SIABA has a meeting with some other Pacific countries such as Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu, Fiji where includes Nauru and Kiribati.

“During our meeting, we plan to have more competitions for our boxers to go and participate. We plan to exchange our boxers to travel between our countries.

He said at the moment, SIABA will travel to Papua New Guinea (PNG) next month to compete in their competition. Papua New Guinea was inviting SIABA to send some of our national boxers to go and do their fight there in Port Moresby, PNG.  

SIABA has plans in place for the boxers to do their trials so that to identify our national boxer’s fitness after their participation during the Pacific Games in Samoa 2019 held recently.

He added that our national boxers will have their chance to compete in an International competition ahead for them. SIABA wants to see if the national boxers might still stay fit or not after their recent participation in the Pacific Games. The national boxers need to do their early preparation towards the 2023 Pacific Games. The date for them to leave is yet to be confirmed. They are still waiting for any response at the moment when to leave for the competition next Month September for Papua New Guinea.

Meanwhile, the government is doing its support for our boxers through the National Hosting Authority (NHA) so that making sure SIABA can run their program smoothly.

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