SI Archery Team Kick-off Trainings Soon

Members of the Solomon Islands Archery Team previously undergoing training at the Tennis Court, Multipurpose Hall (Photo supplied)

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THE Solomon Islands mens national hockey team will soon kick off their training preparations for the upcoming Pacific Mini Game in Vanuatu.
The Archery Federation of Solomon Islands (AFSI) President Nihal Seneviratne confirmed Raw Sports that the scheduled training sessions to prepare the team should have started already but a training venue has not yet been identified; however, they are still waiting for a confirmation regarding the location of the venue.

Solomon Islands Female Archer previously undergoing training at the Tennis Court, Multipurpose Hall (Photo Supplied)

‘‘Our training will kick off in the second week of August 2017. We have already identified a training squad to represent the country in the upcoming Mini Games in Port Vila, Vanuatu,” the President said.
Meanwhile, he said individuals are still welcome to join the training team, so that they can identify the best archers to represent the country.
‘‘Our coaching staff will work hard to identify the potential archers during the series of training sessions. Therefore, potential individuals should work hard to improve their respective talents during the scheduled training sessions,” President Seneviratne said.