Rugby League Super 4 Competition In August

Training Squad To Be Selected

SIRL President, Jerry Tengemoana

Solomon Islands Rugby League (SIRL) will be hosting a super 4 competitions on 12th August, as a training squad will be selected out of the competition for a test match against Vanuatu in 21st October.

A statement from SIRL confirms.

“It will be a round robin competition and a training squad will be selected for the upcoming test against Vanuatu,” SIRL statement confirmed.

Currently as of last Tuesday last week, two teams have confirmed their participation in the super 4 challenge.

SIRL President, Jerry Tengemoana encourages local rugby league teams and any expat around who is keen to support or can assist in refereeing, most welcome to join the technical team.

Prizes for the competition;
1st $5000
2nd $3000
3rd $2000
4th $1000 (Registration Free)

The test match between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu will be on the 21st of October.

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