Mr. South Pacific Urged Locals Into Body Building

Mr. South Pacific bodybuilding, Rocky Teklem

The reigning Mr. South Pacific body building, Solomon Islands Rocky Teklem has urged locals to involve in the exotic sport.

Speaking to Raw Sports in an exclusive interview the part Malaita & Temotu bodybuilder said sports men and women should take part in the sport.

“The sport has yet to gain popularity here, for me, reaching such level in the regional scene is a positive way forward for bodybuilders to make good use of these platform encouraging other locals to get involve.

He said that he never dreamt of being a sport figure, it was through advises and encouragements that made him gain confident to take on the challenge.

“It was never my interest to be a body builder, I was preferring football. It was my former boss the late Patrick Leong that has given me the opportunity working for him.

“We were provided with a gym and every after working hours we were forced to lift weights from then we formed a club in bodybuilding.

Teklem was part of the Sweatbox bodybuilding club.

During the 23rd South Pacific Body Building championship here he competed in the Under 70kg and was the gold medallist.

He became the overall winner of the regional competition now dubbed as the Mr. South Pacific bodybuilding, a title he will hold till the next championship.



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