More Chances for Female to Obtain Medals in 2023 PG: SINBBF President

Two top Body Builders Mr. & Miss Solomon 2019

The Solomon Islands National Body Building Federations (SINBBF) President, Mr. Dickson Kae said there are more chances for female athletes to obtain medals from the bodybuilding sport in the 2023 PG.

The SINBBF President, Mr. Dickson Kae had stated this to the paper after the SINBBF hosted their Championship at Pacific Casino Paradise Hall last month.

“Like Korina Detke she’s good with her talents in Body Building and won two silver medals last year. Therefore, there is a high chance for most medal tally for 2023 Pacific Games (PG) if our female competed in the Body Building sport,” said Mr. Kae.

“For girls in the public if you are interested in the sport and not shy then you can come and join the sport,” he said.

Mr. Kae further added, to talk a girl into the sport is back to their mothers’ because girls are close to their mothers’ and to encourage girls to take up the sport it is up to mothers.

 “It is up to kind-hearted mothers’ to encourage their girls to take up the sport. And if a lot of girls are into the sports bodybuilding, then it will create more girls to join the sport,” he said.

Mr. Kae then added bodybuilding would not only build the muscles, but it was a sport that would help each person keeps fit and healthy.

Whilst Ms. Korina Detke who for the second time in a row won Miss Solomon 2019 title in the Body Building Championship said, she’s so proud and happy to win back the title for the second time.

Not only Ms. Korina Detke again was the only female who participated in the female championship for bodybuilding this year.

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