Miss Coral Sea Resort Shares Passion In Playing Rugby

Miss Coral Sea Resort Venaliz Lai

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With an interest in a male dominated sport like rugby league, 19 year old Venaliz Tehesuinga Lai who is the Miss Coral Sea Resort in the 2017 Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) spoke to Raw Sports about her passion in the sport.

Growing up in a sporting family background the part Renbell, Western province and Chinese heritage has made her to pursue her interest.

“Out of all the sports I participated in I took the interest in playing rugby league because it is a good team sport,” says Venaliz.

“I get to interact with lots of people learning more how to work together as a team, it motivates and soothes me.

She started playing touch rugby in the “All School Touch” a high school event in Queensland, Australia during her primary to high school years.

“Growing up I played for many different clubs started off in touch rugby.

During those years, Venaliz was awarded prestigiously for her outstanding talent and leadership the sport.

Venaliz (right) with a rugby league team-mate

“After four years of playing touch rugby, I challenge myself to get into more intense sport which I choose rugby league.

“During my rugby league journey I had the opportunity to be the captain of my team and we travel to play a lot in other towns in Australia and it is one of my greatest achievements. However I’ve been through few accidents and in one of the occasions I got into a serious injury I had a concussion.

She said that was the first time she had experienced such ‘scary’ situation in her sport career.

“But that made me more motivated and stronger to keep playing, and the advantages playing rugby league keeps me fit and healthy. Not just only that but it makes me more activated eventually,” she expressed.

With that she expresses her desire encouraging young women in Solomon Islands to pursue sports whether in rugby or football which are commonly male dominated.

“I encourage young women like myself to try and have a go experiencing the fun and goodness of rugby!

Venaliz with her rugby league team in Australia

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