Marist U-16 Player to Watch


A tall Marist midfielder stands out, running in the middle of his team mates out to the football pitch.

Tall players are rarely seen among the midfield but 17-year-old Zagiri Poyers was determined to take the position with the U-16 Marist Belama FC.

Poyers, part New Zealander and from Gizo, Western Province, has been a defender and played central back but he’s keen on midfield where he can share and distribute the ball to his fellow players.

He knows that tall people have a reputation for not running as fast as shorter people but his height gives him the ability to catch the higher, air-ball than his shorter team mates.

“Shorter people are more balanced in playing and they can run faster than I can run but I have the ability to catch the high ball flowing in the air better than the shorter players,” he said.

Poyers trains regularly, three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, along with personal training that he does at home.

He originally played futsal, a much faster game, but switched to soccer because it is so wildly popular in the Solomon Islands.

While he plays soccer for regular exercise and to keep fit he would like to make a living from the game.

“By looking at the famous players, anyone can obtain their living through these sports such as soccer,” he said.

“The famous soccer players such as Neymar Oscar from Brazil and Rapahel Le’ai in the Solomon Islands earned their money for living through playing soccer.

“Soccer is a special sport because it contributes to both health and finance,” he said.