Marist Keeper Looks Ahead for Tourney

Marist goalkeeper, Jo Abari,

A very fast goalkeeper, Jo Abari, was seen applying his skills on the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Academy during a previous training session.

The Marist Fire U – 16 Division 1, one of the most popular teams in the country, selected Abari as one of their goalkeepers, putting him in the pressure position of being his team’s last defence against their opponents goal scoring.

“Goalkeeper is not always an easy position but I understand the goalkeeper skills so I continue to play the position,” Abari said.

Abari started playing soccer in 2014. The 16-year-old Malaitan played for Toba King HFA FC before joining Marist Fire this year and has yet to play in their major tournaments.

The 25th Saturday’s men’s football tournament will be his first major tournament for Marist.

While at Toba Kingz FC division league his team was placed third at the 2017 U-16 football tournament.

“My mind goes a bit higher when I play with my team and we were able to win at least the third place,” he said.

Abari plays patiently.

“A goalkeeper needs to care for himself first before deciding to get into the field.”

He is looking forward to playing harder and joining much bigger teams following the Saturday’s football tournament which be held at the SIFF Academy.

Abari also said it is good for young people to join in with sports to make them live actively, be healthy and have a clear mind.