Marahare Scooped Coach of the Year Award

Raw Sports Newspaper
Henderson Eels Football Club Head Coach Eddie Marahare (Left) was recognized as the top coach in the 2020 Telekom S League.


HENDERSON Eels Football Club Head Coach Eddie Marahare was recognized as the top coach in the 2020 Telekom S League on Monday night at the league’s annual awards night of the presentation, being named Coach of the Year.

The Henderson Eels Head coach was awarded a certificate of recognition and a set of 4G Aspera smartphone.

Marahare, in his second season as coach, aided Eels to be awarded the runners-up award in a superb consecutive season in the top domestic league in the Solomon Islands.  He joined Henderson Eels to make their debut in the 2018/2019 Telekom S League (TSL) season and the 2019/2020 season was his second season as head coach of the club owned by the managing director of the Advance Technology Limited.

He said in his coaching career, this was the first time for him to be a recipient of such an honorable award.

“I feel very honored and happy to have received such a prestigious award.

“It is my first time to receive the coach of the year award. This is a historical achievement and it is another boost to my qualification as a local coach in the country. I believe the award will give me more confidence to pursue my career to another positive level and a dedicated direction towards football development in the top domestic league,” Eddie Marahare told Raw Sports.

Eels had also granted their spot in the 2020 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Champions League qualifiers as they finished in second place in the 2020 Telekom S League. They will participate in the top regional tournament in Port Vila, Vanuatu from the 15 – 22 February.

Eels FC was drawn in group B of the champions’ league alongside Malampa Revivors F.C. of Vanuatu, Lae City F.C. of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Lautoka F.C. of Fiji.

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