Local Rugby Ref Proud Of International Exposure

New Zealand All Blacks 7s speedster, Tim Mikkleson with Solomon Islands local referee Augustine Mafuara in Suva, Fiji

Local rugby referee, Augustine Mafuara recently officiated at the Oceania Rugby 7s competition in Fiji as an assistant referee and was his first ever-international exposure.

“I’m thankful and proud of these opportunity given to me, it was an awesome experience I’ve learned a lot from professional referees here, their advises and assessing me on things I need to improve.

Mafuara started his referee career 3 years ago with the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF) with the help of notable names in the local rugby scene, the likes of Nick Hatigeva, Bala Wickham and current SIRUF CEO, Gerald Oiaka.

“These people helped me to begin my career through fitness trainings and encouragements learning the law of rugby. I want to also thank others who helped me one way or the other to reach my level this far.

He adds that he believes there a lot of potential talented Solomon Islanders who can also get such opportunity, saying that if only they work hard and have the virtue of patience things will turn out positive.

Mafuara was given the honour to officiate in the grand final match between host Fiji and New Zealand as an assistant referee.