Lafai Sees Bright Future In Mataks

Mataks players celebrating a goal against G-Camp during the 3rd & 4th playoff

Former Solomon Islands national futsal player, Coach/player Francis Lafai sees potential talents helping his young side Mataks reaching the 3rd position in the recent Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Championship.

The boys representing Matarui, one of the settlements in Honiara known for a high number of related crime rates was not an easy task getting young people involve in sports.

“We have a lot of talented players, how to get them involved like these is not an easy task some have driven by social interest and self esteem hinder them from being exposed. But reaching such level in the competition it’s a way forward for the club; it shows there’s still bright future ahead for us especially most is young yet getting confidence.

“I always see on the development side working ahead shaping these young talents as a result majority of our players were recruited in the futsal clubs, 4 players in KOSSA FC, 3 in the National U17 team, and 1 in Marist.

“I want to involve them in competitive competitions and it’s a good sign for the club that most of our players are being picked by other big names in the competition.

Lafai said he has seen lot of improvements from the lads, and they are looking forward for another big competition next year, the SIFF National futsal league.

“I want to help them in their football career and by doing that will also keep them from being involved in unlawful activities.

Mataks won the 3rd & 4th playoff beating a experienced G-Camp side 8-3 settling behind champions Marist FC and KOSSA FC.

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