Honiara Boxing is Fighting Fit

HABA 2019 AGM attendees L to R: Jerry Morris, John Firifote, Pellion Buare, Sam Ledi, John San, Jnr, Peter Dick, Thomas Selena, Waisea Bainivalu, Jonathan Tapsell, John Bakeua…Photo Source: HABA Media.

THE Honiara Amateur Boxing Association (HABA) has held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) since the appointment last year of an Interim Executive Committee tasked with developing and implementing key administrative, corporate, and governance reforms.

The AGM was the culmination of the Interim Executive Committee’s reform agenda. It marked a watershed moment in HABA’s ongoing resurgence, with the association formally transitioning to a new constitution, a new executive committee, and a new season of tournaments.

The affiliated boxing clubs unanimously voted to replace HABA’s old, hastily-drafted constitution of 2015 with a clearer and more comprehensive document prepared over recent months by the Interim Executive Committee.

The new constitution establishes a strong framework of ethical governance and commits HABA to advancing the development of amateur boxing for the benefit of its affiliated clubs and the welfare of the people of Honiara.

The affiliated clubs then dissolved the Interim Executive Committee and elected a proper one under the authority of the new constitution. An executive comprising four office bearers and three ordinary members, as follows, now governs HABA:

President Mr Waisea Bainivalu Jnr Vice President Mr Thomas Selena Treasurer Mr Pellion Buare Secretary Mr Jonathan Tapsell Ordinary Member Mr Jerry Morris Ordinary Member Mr John Bakeua Ordinary Member Mr John Firifote

The new Executive Committee is the official leadership of HABA and the only legitimate and reliable source of information about HABA’s agenda, activities, and opinions until next year’s AGM.

The newly elected President of HABA, Mr Waisea Bainivalu Jnr, expressed his hope and wish that HABA will continue the outstanding work of the Interim Executive Committee in building an active, sustainable, and high-quality amateur boxing scene in the city of Honiara.

“I have big plans for HABA in 2019,” Mr Bainivalu said. “I know my new executive will continue to help bring the best for boxing in the Solomon Islands and I hope HABA will set the standard for all provincial boxing associations.”

Mr Bainivalu added that his presidency of HABA will focus on incremental improvements without losing sight of the local boxing community’s grand vision for the sport. “Small steps at a time but big thinking,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the newly-elected Secretary of HABA, Mr Jonathan Tapsell, strongly urged all Honiara-based boxing clubs yet to affiliate with HABA to do as soon as possible if they wish to participate in upcoming tournaments.

“Unaffiliated clubs cannot participate in any HABA activities,” he said. “That includes our program of tournaments for this year. If you want to participate, you must affiliate. No affiliation, no participation. And there shall be no exceptions.”

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