Honiara Boxing AGM set for Feb 8


The Interim Executive Committee of the Honiara Amateur Boxing Association (HABA) is inviting all Honiara-based boxing clubs to attend an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 5:30pm on Friday 8 February at the IBS Monarch Hotel.

The main items on the agenda will be the adoption of a new constitution and the election of a proper executive committee to take over from the interim one which has governed HABA over previous months.

The Interim Committee was appointed in October 2018 to develop and implement key administrative, corporate, and governance reforms, and lay the foundations for an active, sustainable, and high-quality local boxing scene.

The Interim President, Mr Waisea Bainivalu, believes that the Interim Executive Committee has mostly achieved its objectives of reforming HABA for the better and raising the standard of amateur boxing in Honiara.

“Under the leadership of the Interim Executive Committee, HABA has transformed itself and the local boxing scene,” said Mr Bainivalu.

“Our general aim has been to develop the sport of amateur boxing for the benefit of our affiliated clubs and the people of Honiara. And we believe we’ve done that.”

The list of HABA’s achievements under the leadership of Mr Bainivalu and the Interim Executive Committee is impressive.

“We now provide many opportunities for boxers to get valuable ring experience under the auspices of an active, competent, and well-functioning boxing association,” said Mr Bainivalu.

“We stage regular tournaments open to all boxers from our affiliated clubs. We also encourage the participation of novices by staging tournaments exclusively for them.

“We’ve significantly reduced the logistical and financial burdens of staging tournaments by establishing strong working relationships with generous individuals and organisations in the local community.

“We eliminated the effort and cost required to transport the ring by negotiating with Mr Roland Pauku of the Honiara City Council to access to storage space at the Multipurpose Hall. We also eliminated the cost of hiring a PA system by negotiating with the Australian High Commission to use its one for free.

“In the interest of boxer safety, we got rid of the old, worn out, and officially unapproved gloves we previously used in our tournaments. We replaced them with eight pairs of high-quality officially approved competition gloves.

“Finally, we now have a strong presence on social media, which we use to promote our tournaments, build the profiles of local boxers, and encourage more young men and women to get involved in the sport.”

Meanwhile, HABA’s Interim Secretary, Mr Jonathan Tapsell, is seeking to inform all Honiara boxing clubs of their rights and obligations regarding the AGM.

“Any club wishing to attend the AGM must complete the affiliation form and pay the $500 affiliation fee beforehand,” he said. “There will be no exceptions. The same goes for HABA’s tournaments and other activities. If you wish to participate, you must affiliate.”

Mr Tapsell said HABA will notify the presidents of all currently affiliated clubs of the requirements around affiliation. But he encouraged new clubs to contact HABA as soon as possible to begin the affiliation process.

Until the AGM, the Interim Executive Committee remains the official leadership of HABA and the only legitimate and reliable source of information about HABA’s agenda, activities, and opinions.

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