Four MSIP Contestants With Sports Perspectives

    The four sporting contestants.

    With the 2017 Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) currently underway, RAW SPORTS have identified four girls who have the physical interest in sports.

    In a press conference, out of the final seven contestants only four express their sporting passion.

    Miss Honiara Hotel, Emily Chan 18 said she has been playing football growing up in Taiwan, and her interest still linger in the particular sport.

    “I like football, I also played for a team when I was in Taiwan. I also like netball, been joining my high school team here (Saint Nicolas College).

    19 year old, Venaliz Lai who hails from Renbell & Western Province says her favorite sport is rugby.

    “I love rugby I also played rugby (league code) in Australia growing up there, also being a captain for my team,” she said.

    Also representing Renbell, 18-year-old, Mowisha Angiki expresses her desire in netball also playing for her high school team.

    “I like netball a lot involving with the sport in school also in my community. I hope to be good netballer someday,” Mowisha chuckles.

    For 21-year-old Hephzibah Karibule, with a Bachelors Degree in physiotherapy she wants to give her service to sports men and women.

    This year’s pageant will be a unique platform as these contestants share their own perspective regarding the theme “Women in peace and harmony in society.

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