FIFA World Cup: RSIPF Cautions Road Users in Honiara

FIFA World Cup...RSIPF Cautions Road Users in Honiara.

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) cautions road users including pedestrians and vehicle drivers in Honiara to think about their safety while they watch the FIFA World Cup matches on large screens erected along some parts of the capital’s main road.

“We appreciate the community service that some businesses are providing by making the soccer world cup available to the public in Honiara but I want to caution people to think after their safety while watching these big screens on the side of the road,” says RSIPF Commissioner, Matthew Varley.

Commissioner Varley adds: “If you are going to watch the games on the big screens ensure you are not standing on the road but stay on the footpaths away from the traffic on the road. And drivers, do not slow the traffic down just because you want to watch the games on the big screen as you are driving along but go and park safely off the road.”

“And those who are planning to drink and watch the soccer on the big screens, my advice would be, go and watch in the safety of your home or another location so you will not disturb the rest of the soccer loving people of Honiara,” says Commissioner Varley.

He further adds: “Police will be doing its normal visibility patrols on the streets of Honiara in the coming weeks to make sure the sports loving public in Honiara enjoy the FIFA World Cup. And if you need to celebrate the win of your favorite team, please do it safely.”

The 2018 FIFA World Cup which kicked off in the Russian capital Moscow early on 15 June 2018 will end mid-July 2018.

Source: Police Media

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