Discipline is Key Area in Football Development


THE Honiara Football Association (HFA) league and Provincial Football Associations (PFA) League competitions are currently active and gaining more momentum in the country.
There are respective teams possessing overwhelming number of talented and energetic young players emerging out from these leagues.
A local football supporter, James Ogai urged the respective bodies to continue maintaining the leagues and also asks the participating teams to focus on discipline.
“These sporting bodies must maintain this good work and established disciplinary measures that acts as a guideline for all players. This is to unify good behaviour, right attitude and to set a standard for players’ to respect and demonstrate.
“Winning or losing is not the important of being the sportsmanship, but playing the good game that reflects the good characters are what football is all about,” Ongai said.
He said HFA and PFAs leagues are the foundational bodies to nurture and prepare players in terms of player’s consistency towards the national level.
“Solomon Islands has lost its international football spices over the years and their recent victory over PNG to FIFA World Cup Qualifier 3rd stage final is the new dawn for Solomon Islands football.
“This result will be maintained if HFA and PFAs leagues are continue active with its league schedules in the years to come.
“We can’t blame anyone for the downfall of our football. We only need football development such as football clinics and football facilities plus consistence football leagues,” he said.
Meanwhile Ongai call on the Government and other business stakeholders to recognise football development in this country to allow Solomon Islands football to be competitive in the international level.


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