‘Balancing Boxing with Football’

Local Footballer Hopes to Balance Boxing Commitment

Koloale Football Club's 28-year-old striker, Brainson Tanagu.

SPOTTED on the sideline of KGVI football field after a Koloale Football Club (FC) previous training session, Brainson Tanagu admits he also has passion for the ring sports of boxing.

The 26 year-old striker hailed from Choiseul province is currently playing for the Koloale FC in the Honiara Football Association (HFA) 2018 Premiership League.

His initial debut for the club started of this year and it does not deteriorate his ambitions for the passion of boxing.

“Boxing is also one of my priority sports apart from football; and it will not interfere with my future plans as a footballer,” he told Raw Sports.

He said boxing has a lot of physical and health benefits that has also contributed to his well being as a footballer.

“Boxing has improved my physical aspects as a footballer, since it combines quickness, agility, strength, and stamina which is very crucial to my success as a footballer.

“I enjoy football; and when you enjoy what you passionate about, it takes you to where you want to in sports,” Tanagu said.

Tanagu revealed that his love for both sports has started since his teenage days in the rural setting in his remote village in Choiseul province.

“My elder brother was a major influence in my passion for both sports. He has been very instrumental to ensure my future in sports not only for fun but also to make progress as a future possible future career.

“Whether that’s from the boxing or football point of view, I will ensure to make progress and enjoy my passion for both important sports and it means I will do whatever it takes to be the best,” he told Raw Sports.

Tanagu was part of the Choiseul province Under 20 team that scooped the bronze medal at the previous Solomon Cup Under 20 Championship in Honiara.

Meanwhile, he acknowledged the fact of being able to play at the domestic level of football competition in the country.

“It has been a major accomplishment in my life to be able to play under a top club in Honiara like Koloale FC and also in a major league of football competition in the country,” he said. “I believe it is a dream come true for me as a young football player.”

He added that the level of discipline under the Koloale FC has proven him to be a better person in my family and society.

“I believe that my participation in both sports has not only given me the opportunity to be a sports person but also brings pride to my family members,” Tanagu said.

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