2023 Pacific Games Work Progress

NHA representative DSSPM Christian Nieng…Picture Taromane Martin.


THE National Hosting Authority (NHA) of the 2023 Pacific Games confirmed the preparations toward the quadrennial event is in perfect progress.

According to an exclusive interview with the paper, NHA Board Member, Mr Christian Nieng stated the NHA board is fully functional and it continues to resource its operational unit to implement their approved plans.

“NHA just held its 3rd Meeting on the 8th of April where the Chairman of the NHA Dr Jimmy Rogers, briefed the Board on the details relating to the progress with games venues, facilities planning, training venues, games planning and athletics development plans,” said Mr Christian Nieng.

While he stated it as already a public knowledge that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the main stadium for the Games was signed in March by the Republic of China representative and the Caretaker Prime Minister where discussions with other foreign donors is continuing for the constructions of the other sports facilities.

Mr Nieng further stated that the NHA Chair also informed his Board that progress was also achieved on planning for the setting up of a high-performance facility to assist in the professional development of local athletes which is planned to open earlier next year.

He also stressed that NHA had picked up from the good work successfully done by the Taskforce and Sub-committee and used their reports as a guide and has progressed towards now confirming the suitability of the main stadium, secondary field and multipurpose halls at the area between KGVI and SINU Panatina Sports Fields after completing a topographical survey. 

He added; “NHA was informed at its 3rd board meeting that conceptual designs for the swimming pool complex, tennis and hockey court complex are done however decisions on where they are going to be built will be determined after Topo surveys on the potential sites for the games venues are completed in about three months’ time.” 

Therefore he said, “Most difficult decisions are to determine which sports venue will be built on which confirmed site and it will take a little bit more time to come up with the decisions and NHA will be updated further on this in its coming meetings.”

The 2023 mega sporting event will run from July 14 to 28 in 2023.

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